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10 February 2014 @ 06:33 pm
Mod Note  
Things have gotten busy since one of my colleagues is on vacation, and I'm going to work almost everyday. Lucky for me, she's coming back next week, which means I'll have some more time to rest.

Anyway, I've decided to close the challenges already, since I'm respecting the people who entered in time for the deadline.

I'm only sad to announce only one person entered the header challenge so far, so I'll just pick one of the headers this user entered to be the 2014 header.

As regards the voting posts, I'll set up voting at the weekend and will go back to normal next week.

I want to the thank the lovely linesfade who took the time to make all the banners of the previous challenges, which I'll post during this week.

Hope you have a nice week, you all.